Digital Innovation

Innovation with tradition
Since 1923. Innovation–oriented

For over 90 years ISOCARBO has been able to develop innovative and sustainable solutions for the
complex and sophisticated textile sector.

Deep know-how and long-established expertise, growing organizational skills, investments in Research,
Development and Industrial Assets have allowed ISOCARBO an ongoing and innovative raise.
Two strategic brands: ISONIK for digital printing technology and KEMIK for the traditional have led
ISOCARBO to a targeted connection with the new global markets.

Fashion, Signage, Sportswear, Habitat and many more are the sectors where ISONIK and KEMIK develop
innovative products and processes. Flexibility and versatility in production, fostered by close relationships
with customers and end-users, allow ISOCARBO to satisfy even the most demanding market niche.
Environmental Care
ISOCARBO successfully operates within sectors regulated by very high production and technological
standards, in compliance with the most restrictive Health, Safety and Environmental guidelines.
ISOCARBO implements sustainable solutions in the composite dyeing, digital and traditional printing sectors,
by significantly reducing water and energy consumption.
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