ISOCARBO plays an important role in the history of the Italian textile industry; to date, it successfully contributes to the global digital innovation.
ISONIK ST manifold formulations ensure the perfect combination with any kind of paper (coated and uncoated, with or without tack) and fabrics (100% PES or mixed, microfibre and woven).
ISONIK ST range covers a vast and complete colour gamut (Fluorescent, Spot, Customized and Light colors) and identifies the right black selection (key factor for the success of a collection) by achieving the proper intensity and shade in accordance to personal taste and/or necessity.

ISONIK RT series is formulated on the base of reactive monochlorotriazine dyes. It stands out with its high performing colour rendering, shade and intensity, and ensures the colour fastness required by the market.

ISONIK RT use is recommended in combination with anti-migration pre-treatments (concentrated or ready to use), so to optimize the colours intensity and guarantee the proper yield on cellulose and protein fabrics.

Signage & Displays
ISOCARBO responds to the Signage & Displays demand with two highly sustainable core brands able to win the key challenges of the target market: the quick AD campaign turnover, fast production processes and the need for excellent colour fastness.

The one-to-one relationship with customers contributed to the improvement, development and industrialization of different printing production processes (indirect on transfer paper, direct-to-fabric, direct-to-paper).
The ISONIK ST series dedicated to soft Signage and promotional textile supports - flags, banners, upholstery and pop ups- exceeds and sometimes anticipates the required standards. ISONIK ST inks ensure bright and weather resistant prints characterized by an excellent two-sided quality.

ISONIK PG series are water-based digital pigments, compatible with Epson e Kyocera technologies, featured by very fast drying, vibrant and bright colours, specifically dedicated to for printing processes on white/blue back paper, banners, displays, billboards and backlite supports.

ISONIK PG is an ECO-friendly alternative to the traditional use of solvent and UV printing; it guarantees the same performance in terms of brightness, drying and light fastness.

With the ISONIK ST series ISOCARBO boasts an absolute leadership in the sportswear and sport gears industry.

The varied selection of inks, services and technical assistance has led to a constant collaboration with customers. ISOCARBO is able to pass tests and certifications required by most industrial and manufacturing contract specifications that regulate the complex network of sub-contractors and selection of suppliers for the main brands.
ISOCARBO is a unique partner in terms of performances (colour fastness, print quality, reliability),thanks to its high quality standards and investments in product processes.

New equipment and production process have allowed to develop extreme and sophisticated transfer systems necessary to deal with the traditional sport knitting, ultra light technical clothing, footwear, accessories, ski and sublimated gear, according to the up-to-date 3D technologies.

KEMIK offers solutions for dyeing and printing décor fabrics.
A selected range of vivid colors, suitable to guarantee high fastness and resistance, has allowed Kemik to fulfill the most demanding requests of the home Décor market.

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